Hey Guys -

I've been using NZB360 for about a year now - the Pro version as of a couple of months ago. I primarially access it on my HTC One (M7) but sometimes also on my Nvidia Shield Tablet.

I loaded it up for te first time in a while today on my Shield tablet. It opened to SABnzbd and showed current data just fine, but none of the other apps are working! I'm doing this from my internal network on WiFi. Below is how I have each set up and what happens when I try to open them:

All apps are configured in NZB360 pretty much the same except for their port. They all go to mydomain.com:xxxx where mydomain.com is the name I have set to my public IP. I'm accessing it from inside the network, but have my domain name forwarded in local DNS to the host's local IP. Accessing all of the "apps" from a web browser on a laptop connected to the same LAN using domain name in address works perfectly. I'm also using SSL for all apps which uses my own purchased SSL cert from GoDaddy. I get no warnings when opening their web pages.

SABnzbd: Works perfectly

Sonarr: Connects, but Doesn't Work
- Opens / connects without error but all pages are blank except Series. Series page lists many shows, but none have art - just the sonarr logo. Refreshing or grabbing art does nothing new
- On develop release of Sonarr (Which isn't too far apart from stable)

CouchPotato: Shows Error
When I switch to CP, an error appears at the bottom of the screen in Red:
java.lang.illegalstateexception: expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was STRING at line 2 column 10

Headphones: Works
Everything seems to work fine except no artwork is shown. Don't know if this is by design.

Indexer (OZNZB): Connects, but Doesn't Work
When I try to browse, I can select categories, but when selecting one, I get an error at the bottom of screen:
Error Loading items

Tablet Specs
- Nvidia Shield Tablet
- Android Lollipop 5.0.0
- Connected to Local WiFi
- Apps hosted on Local system running Windows 8.1 U1 Pro

Any suggestions? Thanks!
The dev branch broke something in Sonarr. I am investigating.

That couchpotato error is usually a bad API key (or a non-master version of CP).

Heaphones art should work fine.

OZNZB changed their API to api.oznzb.com, make sure to update it.
Thanks for the super-fast reply!

OK - I understand about Sonarr. I only recently switched to deleop so I could try out torrent capabilities. Thanks for trying to keep the app up to date.

As far as CouchPotato, I verified the API was correct and still even copy / pasted it back into the app again. Still no luck. I'm running 2.6.1 / ID 12800

I just played around with Headphones a bit and got it to start showing art. Don't know why it was stuck.

Lastly, for OZNZB - duh - I changed my apps, but didn't think of changing it when running into this today. Changing it now. Thanks

So - any suggestions for CP? I'm going to try to remove all fields and set back up again, but didn't know if there was a log file I could easily look at for NZB360 which had more detailed error messaging. I've got root access if it makes a difference.

OK, I've tried all of that without luck. Tried typing API in manually, too. CP still doesn't work. Attached are screenshots of the error on my phone (same on Shield), the settings in NZB360, and settings from CP, itself, when I've connected to it from a laptop on the same LAN (using same address / via domain name which I have forwarded on LAN to server's IP in DNS)

Any thoughts? I'm considering generating a new API key. Haven't done it yet since I don't want to have to change everything. I also tried using the local IP instead of domain name even though with web browser I get a warning first since cert is for domain name so doesn't match. One thing i did notice which I wouldn't think would be the issue - but might - is that to the left of the address in the webpage on laptop, you can see that HTTPS has a yellow icon. It's green on all other apps. Belive it's because it says some of the items aren't encrypted. Dont' know if it was there before. Am using SSL cert I bought from Godaddy specifically for my domain name.


Error on Phone (& Shield Tablet)

Settings on Phone (& Shield Tablet)

Config on CP Webpage (via opening on laptop on LAN via domain name)
OK - One more question for you too, please - while I'm at it (sorry to bother you so much recently.) Today I set up a reverse proxy for my apps for my domain using Apache. I had to turn off SSL on many of my apps to do this successfully, but still have SSL bound to the proxy, itself.

Therefore if I want to go to SABnzbd now, I go to https://mydomain.com/sabnzbd instead of https://mydomain.com:9090.

Is it possible to set NZB360 to use the reverse proxy addresses? Since SABnzbd worked, I tried using "mydomain.com/sabnzbd" as well as ports 9090, 8080, and 443 without luck. Apache redirects it to the non-ssl on 8080.

Thanks again