I've upraded my qBittorrent to 4.1.3 yesterday and now nzb360 fails to connect (Could not connect to Torrent Client). If I go into the Torrent settings and test the connection it passes though. The qBittorrent log shows me a succesful login if I press 'Retry', but still no luck getting the torrents to show.

Hope you can get this fixed with little effort.

Best regards,
I've had this issue for along time now. Seems to be an issue with authentication bc it bans my remote ip for to many attempts after testing for awhile. Hope it gets fixed. I've tried putting the user and password in the URL and I've tried uninstalling qbit and resetting it up. The view torrents on web works perfect but I'm just getting a could not connect message in app. This app is amazing btw!

I didn't realize how out of date my qbit was 🤤 thank you kev for the help. A simple update fixed my problem!