Just wanted to report that I'm having issue with recognizing licence when I'm using wifi connection at home or at work (totally different ISPs). When I use mobile data from my mobile provider everything works perfect.

I noticed that when I am at home and want to add some movie to radarr with nzb360, I cant because it's paid feature, and then I figured out that there is no Pro mark when I'm on wifi. When I switch to mobile data, after couple of seconds, application probably establish connection with some licence server or whatever and then everything works as it should. Also, I have problem to access the forum over wifi.

Can you give me servers which need to be accessible so I can check with my ISP also?

I recorded the issue just for demonstration.


Poslato sa YAL-L21 uz pomoć Tapatoka


Sorry for double post, just wanted to inform you that I had home network issue.

Few weeks ago, I added one more router but it is used only as a switch (only LAN ports) but I forgot to turn off DHCP server on it. Somehow my phone didn't get local IP/gateway from my main ISP router, instead of it, this additional router ... Long story short - after disabling DHCP server on second router everything is back to normal, domain is reachable again. Thanks for support anyway.