Q: Can you explain why you need [X] Permission?
Sure, no problem!
  • Modify/Delete USB Storage: The /sdcard partition is used to store image caches and your backups created within NZB 360.
  • Find accounts on device (or CONTACTS in Android v6.x/7.x: This is used to get your Google Account ID (gmail address) used for licensing purposes. I tie your PRO license to your Google Account ID so you can use PRO on unlimited number of Android devices without having to repay. In Android Marshmallow and Nougat, Android will claim nzb360 is requesting the CONTACTS permission. This is innacurate. nzb360 does not access your contacts, but the finding accounts permission is grouped within the Contacts permission.
  • Internet, View Wifi connections: The internet permission is pretty standard. I need to check Wifi connections to see which SSID you're on so NZB 360 can switch to your specified "local" address.
  • Prevent Phone from Sleeping: SABnzbd and NZBget have an option to "Keep Screen On" in those views.
  • Test access to protected storage: Simply a check to make sure you have storage space for the cached images/backups.
Payment / Licensing for NZB 360 PRO

Q: If I already had paid via PayPal, do I have to pay again to enable PRO?
No! The non-Play Store version with PayPal used my own custom licensing engine to handle the licenses. The new Play Store version (v10+) uses the same licensing engine, but Android IAP to purchase a license instead of PayPal. Since the new version still uses the same licensing engine, you can retrieve your old version without having to repay!

Please note, this will not happen automatically unless you grant the application the accounts permission. If you paid via PayPal before, and don't have PRO enabled, head into the "Upgrade to PRO" screen and tap the message: "Previously paid via PayPal? Tap here." This will force the accounts permission and pull down your license.

Q: If I upgrade to the Play Store version, what happens to all of my settings and indexers?
Simply use the Backup/Restore feature of nzb360 like so...
  • Perform a local backup within the non-Play Store app.
  • Download the new nzb360 app on the Play Store.
  • Restore the local backup within the new version.
Q: How does the licensing work?
Once NZB 360 is notified of a successful payment, it retrieves your Google Account ID (gmail address) stored on your device, hashes it (for security), and then sends the hash + payment confirmation to NZB 360's licensing database. The information is also cached on your device(s), and won't re-ping the licensing servers much.

Q: Does it work with multiple Android devices?
Absolutely. Since your Google Account is your "key," as long as your Google Account is signed in on your devices, it will auto-unlock NZB 360 PRO. You can install NZB 360 on an unlimited number of devices, and PRO will unlock for each device with your Google Account.

Q: What if I delete NZB 360?
No worries. Since the license is stored in the cloud (like Google Play), you can delete NZB 360, change ROMS, devices, kernels, etc without worrying about your PRO license.

Q: Does it expire?
No! Your nzb360 PRO license will never expire. It's yours, for life.