Long time (payed) nzb360 user.
Recently I changed my couchpotato to watcher 3. Is it possible to make this availible in nzb360.

Thanks in advance.
I'm in the same boat.
Older QNAP NAS isn't able to run currently available Mono/Radarr combo packages.
You could try and build it all yourself from the ground up, but that's really not an option for 99.9% of the users in this situation.

Dude on the QNAP forums tried to add Radarr and Sonarr + dependencies to his simple installer (already support for Couchpotato, SickChill, SABnzbd, Medusa, etc) but had so many issues, he gave up, and instead added Watcher 3 as an alternative to Couchpotato.

As another paying, long-time user, I would also really like to see support for Watcher 3, even it's just "simple" stuff like being able to add a movie and list what is already added.

I'm also a long time user, I love this app.
Radarr does not have support for custom folders, not even flat directories.
Watcher3 does support this and also has a really simple user interface.

Would love for you to consider adding support for Watcher3. :)

Best Regards