I was curious as to whether LazyLibrarian support is on the roadmap. I'm using NZB360 to manage NZBdrone, nzbget and currently CP. Would love to see lazylibrarian implemented; one of the main reasons is that it's the only book manager/searcher available for my Synology NAS box if not the only book manager/searcher available across the NAS global stage.

I guess I just like having all my media content manageable from a single interface in the palm of my hand.

One thing to consider is that the Lidarr/Radarr devs have started work on Readarr. It's super super alpha right now, but it may make more sense to wait and implement that since it follows the same framework that the other Arrs are. LL is great, and I use it currently as well, so having it as an alternative (a la CouchPotato) isn't a terrible idea. Just giving a heads up on what the future may look like :D