Hi all,

I'm having issues with searching a torrent in Jackett and having it add to my Torrent client. I can manually navigate between the indexers and applications using NZB360 just fine, but after searching a torrent and selecting 'Send to Torrents', nothing is actually sent (there's a dialog saying 'Item has been added to Torrent service!' but nothing appears).

Can't find any errors from either Jackett or ruTorrent, so I'm at a loss.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Same issue for me.

It seems to be an NZB360 implementation bug. If you click the "Download locally" option, it produces an error Toast instead. I would assume the content it's trying to send to the Torrent service is the same, i.e. a torrent file or magnet link, and if it can't even download it locally then it definitely can't send it to another service.

Particularly frustrating is the fact that if you tap on the result instead of using the three-dot button, it opens a restricted WebView of the source page that provided the link. But the WebView instance doesn't give you the URL, and all the hyperlinks on the page attempt to trigger a Play Store intent (which thankfully gets blocked by the restricted WebView) rather than the normal navigation.
If you head into the specific indexer's settings and make sure to choose the download type to be .torrent, and not a magnet link, it will work.