I have experienced a few little issues with nzb360 and deluge.

1. The indicators for overall download/upload speed are always at zero.

2. Using the pause/resume all option does nothing.

3. An error message is displayed when adding a torrent from my phone despite it actually being added to the queue (see attached).

As I say, minor annoyances but would be nice to be resolved.

Thank you.
Screenshot_20191214-092403__01.jpg (59.4 KiB) Viewed 319 times
Would someone with Deluge 2.x send me their connection details for me to test? 2.x isn't available on Windows yet for me to debug :(
The indicators are fixed but the resume/pause buttons still don't work and I still have the error when adding a torrent.

Apologies for not confirming this sooner, not had a chance to test.