Hello everyone,

I am very excited to announce v13 of nzb360 is ready for an open BETA! Over the last 4 weeks, on my paternity leave for my first child, I've spent over 300 hours designing and developing the next major refresh of nzb360. I've received great feedback and help testing through an ALPHA test of a small group of folks and I believe we're at a point where things are stable, the design direction has been solidified, and I am ready for any and all types of new feedback from a much larger group.

v13 Design Philosophy
The major change in v13 is clearly the new design direction that is attempting to adopt Google's new Material Design 2 guidelines, which places a lot more emphasis on content over chrome and to move common UI elements to the bottom of devices to make navigation and control of a UI much easier on taller phones. I've redesigned pretty much every area of nzb360 with this new design direction in mind, and I would love to get everyone's feedback on this new approach.

I've created this template below of questions I would love for folks to fill out so I can get structured feedback on things. Please use this format below with responses to your thoughts on v13.
  1. What are your initial impressions of the new design?
  2. Do you prefer the default dark control bar or the theme color control bar?
  3. What do you think of the Radarr Wanted/Missing tab change?
  4. What part of v13 do you like the most so far?
  5. What do you like the least?
  6. Do you have any suggestions on improving the design of v13?
  7. Have you noticed any features that were removed, crashes that you found, or areas of the app that don't feel like they were updated to this new design?
  8. Any additional thoughts?
Since the design of nzb360 is one of my biggest focal points, and with such a large change, I really want to make sure I get this right. So please provide as much feedback as possible! :)

Simply download the APK below and install it over your current version of nzb360. All of your data will stay in tact. The final production version (whenever it hits) will auto overwrite any BETA versions you install, so no need to worry there.

Check back often for new BETA versions based on feedback provided in this thread.

Thank you for your participation and feedback!
Special thanks to the following group of ALPHA testers...
  • returntrip
  • f3bruary
  • derik0709
  • CBers
  • ward
  • jbravo2uk
You were all an amazing help and had awesome ideas!
No, special thanks to you Kev, for all the hard work and constant updates and support. You're the best !
the new interface is miles better! still a few features that could be included but are missing, i will post in feature request, keep it up
Thanks Kev. Love the new interface. Much appreciated.
Kev, when I sent an item to Sab, the app sends me back to the list of my indexers. A few times the app crashed completely. But the release arrived in Sab. Don't know if anyone else had this issue?

About the design: you know I like it, bit as I already reported in the beta topic, the 'pro' label is on a strange location.
The status in Sab (idle/downloading) don't need to be that big for me. I prefer the way you implemented it in the torrents. If there is more empty space next to 'history' is not a big deal I think. I prefer to have all screens the same.
I too have had the crashes, sometimes sends the release sometimes it doesnt
BETA Version 2
- Tweaked SABnzbd styling to match NZBget. (Speed now shows instead of "Downloading" and fixed padding).
- Ratio value added in Torrents for "Finished" and "Seeding" items in main lists.
- Fixed crashes in Search.
- Added Throttle option back in Torrents.
- Moved PRO badge back to original position.
- Fixed some of the Navigation Drawer server status updates.
- Various performance improvements and optimizations.

Let me know what you think!
Thanks Kev.

From the private beta forum: "Another nit-pick, but just noticed that the eye and search icons along the bottom bar in both Radarr and Sonarr, are not centred in the (not sure what you call them) touch points".

There is a Feature Request for this, but is there any way you could add an optional filter, whereby returned searches that are blacklisted, can be filtered please?

Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees.

Thanks Kev. Looks really nice.

Only the fonts 😖 i would love it to use the (my) default system fonts.