I only recently found out that full season searching for HDBits is implemented in Sonarr 3 (beta), a feature I've been waiting for for a long time. I installed it and was delighted to see it works but on the downside, it seems 360 doesn't take this into account.

When I had Sonarr 2.x on the backend, a manual search for an episode or whole series would always bring back full seasons results from BTN but not HDBits. With Sonarr 3.x running, 360 returns no full season results at all any more. Is it much work to hook this up?
Not sure I understand the issue. A manual search in nzb360 just receives whatever Sonarr sends back. If it's showing different results than the Sonarr front end, that is odd, and may be indicative of a new API.

API changes are likely I would think. The behaviour is indeed different in nzb360 compared to the Sonarr web interface.

The native web front end returns individual episodes and full season packs from BTN and HDB, nzb360 only comes back with individual episodes, which in BTN's case means no results at all a lot of the time as they delete individual episodes once a season pack is up.
Bump! maybe I can explain what is going on better as I just switched from v2 to v3 of sonarr and realized I can no longer figure out how to find season packs via nzb360.

So in sonarr v3 there are two distinctly different ways to search for episodes through the webGUI. The season search is pictured by the OP in his screenshots and is in the season xx bar of the series page. This appears to filter out any single episodes and ONLY returns seasons.

NZB360 appears to still rely on the old v2 behavior where you can search for any single episode but you still get season packs returned and you can choose to download them. In v3 the season packs are filtered out and not returned in the UI so I imagine this is also happening in the API returns.

Taloth from the dev team mentions this behavior here in a post: https://amp.reddit.com/r/sonarr/comment ... s_torrent/

Easiest way to handle would be to find the new API call (not a programmer can't help you there lol) and just add another menu item to the callout season menu? The search all episodes function may do this now, I'm not sure as I don't really use it and like to manually pick what season pack I'm grabbing.

EDIT: Taloth from sonarr has informed me this is not yet supported as third party devs don't have access to the v3 API. So this is not something Kev can implement at this time: https://www.reddit.com/r/sonarr/comment ... f/etux2hp/