Surely something is wrong on my side. I hesitate to report this as a bug so I'm hitting up the General forum.

Radarr Version
nzb360 Version 12.3.2

This hasn't been working for me for a while. If I go to Radarr / Add Movie / search I get

Error: {
"message": "NotFound"

It doesn't matter what I type in the search box, I always get the error. I don't add many movies but when I do I just add it on my Chromebook. It has worked for me in the distant past.

Adding movies through the Discover Movies link seems to work just fine for what it's worth.

Any ideas?
Kev wrote:
Thu Nov 22, 2018 5:03 am
I cannot recreate this :(
Are there logs somewhere that may help? I'm rooted with AdAway installed but I wouldn't think that would be causing an issue.
Just a heads up to anyone else having this issue. I figured out what was going on. Apparently my Docker container was not updating properly and I didn't realize it. I was on a version of Radarr that was well over a year old. Once I updated the Docker container manually on my Synology NAS the search functionality in nzb360 started working as it was developed.