Currently running with Sonarr, Radarr, Deluge and Sabnzbd behind Traefik reverse proxy with http auth applied to all but deluge. Sonarr, radarr and deluge all connect fine. Deluge is a simple deluge.domain with the web password added in. Sonarr and radarr is the same just with the httpuser:password@ in front of the subdomain and the API for both, when trying to do the same for sabnzbd it doesn't work. Can anyone shed any light on possible things to try?
Hi Kev,

Thanks for getting back to me, host is set as in the sabnzbd.ini file and still no go

The htpass auth seems to be the problem as when I turn it off it connects fine, but it's confusing as that's the exact same htpass config used for sonarr and radarr and they connect first time.

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