Can’t get uTorrent to work on the app. Have Sonarr, Sabnzbd, and Radarr all working properly.

Utorrent Setup: (Usernames and password have been made generic for simplicity)

Internal IP: 192.168.*.50
External IP: 109.93.*.75

Connection Tab:
Listening Port: 62776 (Static)
Proxy Port: 1180 (Static) with a Nord VPN username and password login
Nord VPN Username: “NordVPNtest@gmail.com"
Nord VPN Password: “NordVPNpass”

Remote Tab:
Computer: “TestName”
Password: TestPass

Advanced – WebUI Tab:
Username: “TestName2”
Password: “TestPass2"

I CANNOT get uTorrent to connect in the app with my external IP address. I don’t know if I should be using my NordVPN credentials, my remote tab credentials, my webUI -- or what.

$15 via paypal to anyone who helps solve issue or how I should fill it out via the generic info above
Not sure why I thought I'd get help here. Submitted several tickets over the last 2 months through the app and nothing but crickets there either. Sweet.
I'm very couries about how you solved it, since I also have NordVPN and they don't have support for port forwarding. So its only working when I'm on my local network - so no connection from external...
Andorejunior wrote:Same I'm stuck and am getting no help from the dev
That's why it should be great if the thread starter could post his/ her solution also to this thread.
skarbd wrote:You could always pm the poster to see if he solved the problem.

Unfortunately not everything has a solution.
If you read the thread he/ she who stated this thread says it's problem is solved. So to contribute it had been great to get a glimpse at the solution.

But I can pm the poster... And report in this thread if I get any answer.