Hi, firstly I'd like to show my appreciation for this app! I've successfully got it integrated with sonarr and radarr but am having trouble with deluge on my remote seedbox. The host I'm trying to setup is https://user:password@remote.address.com:port but it can't connect. For information purposes I was successful in connecting to it using transdrone with the same credentials, the only difference is that transdrone asked me to input information into various fields instead of specifying the URL. The other option that I also had to turn on in transdrone otherwise it wouldn't connect is an option called "Accept all SSL certificates. Allow all connections from any thumbprint."

I would really like to use nzb360 as an all in one solution but I'm struggling with this configuration. I hope this information is helpful, and again thanks for the great app!

Also in transdrone there are two options for selecting deluge as a client. " Deluge" and "Deluge RPC" I selected Deluge RPC as I assumed it was a remote client and it worked.
This can be closed. I got it to work by using the URL for my seedbox's web client rather than the details I used for the deluge thin client or transdrone. It didn't work the first few times I tried but I actually logged into the web client via a browser just to confirm the auth worked and when I checked nzb360 after that it magically worked. I think someone in the reverse proxy deluge thread mentioned something like this.
I have had the same problem. I have to manually pull up deluge through the browser, login, than after i login it pulls up fine in NZB. But after the session times out it will fail to connect until i login with a browser again.
Well you led me to correct my error. Thanks!

You can't use the web link for the seed box (ie /user/deluge). Instead you just use, like the settings say, the url

https:/<Server to Box>:<Port>

And set the correct password. This will require you to enable the WebUi plugin from the thin client. I had trouble doing enabling that plugin over the web ui address for a seed box (<SErver>/user/deluge) which is why i used the thin client. Once enabled, as you do for things like sonarr anyways, it should auto connect. Hopefully it doesn't do a session time out on me.