Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anybody as a solution for being able to use NZB360 remotely whilst connected either by WAN or LAN. I have a connectivity problem which only presents itself whilst the host machine with the services on is connected to my vpn provider. Ive looked all over the internet and cant find a solution. Anybody? I can access the machine remotely using team viewer to use the services but app wont connect unless i disconnect vpn. Been using NZB360 for quite some time now but this problem seems to be making the app redundant for my usage.
I really, really, want to solve this issue. If someone can graciously send me their VPN connection details that has this problem, I would love to try and solve it. I cannot reproduce this issue on my own VPN (PPTP to router). I need to be able to reproduce this issue to fix it.

If anyone is willing, please send me a PM.
Hi Kev,

Thanks for responding but it still doesnt seem to be working. To be honest I dont think its an issue with your app more the logistics of the vpn provider and them not allowing this for security reasons. Some providers do port forwarding which would work mine does not. However ive heard mixed opinions on this problem though some people say add alternative routes in the windows route table others say alter oprnvpn config etc. Ive tried most things to no avail. Im currently thinking about a pfsense router and an extra network card as i dont physically have the option on my current router to have my vpn connect so i have to put a client on every machine maybe this is the problem. My external ip address always stays the same on the router config whilst connected but it says it changes on the machine when i access whatsmyip.com etc. So lost at the moment as i cant physically use nzb360 whilst connected to vpn .