Hi Kev.

I thought I'd start a new thread rather than clogging up the v12.0 release announcement :)

In the MISSING tab in Lidarr, there is no ARTIST name displayed, other than UNKNOWN.

In the web browser, on the WANTED page, the artist is shown.

Just thought I'd let you know, as I know this is a new addition to the app.

I can supply screenshots if needed.

Haha, that's what resulted in the crash @cbers. I don't know why your instance has no artist attached to missing albums. To fix the crash, I just handle it and put unknown there.
Just realised that my son is running Lidarr as well, so I added his details to the app and his ARTIST NAMES show up fine.

He is running v0.2.0.371, which is the DEVELOP branch.

So possibly an API change?
Hi Kev.

It must be something specific to that artist (Andrew Gold), as I've added other WANTED albums and they show OK.

Just thought I'd update the thread.