Hey all,
I have the NZB360 pro, and it is set up to my SABNZBD. The issue I am having is that of late, (a couple of revisions), the items selected even when long pressed, is going to the queue. Now this to me is not that much of an issue, just some extra steps, but the queue is not sending the items to SABNZBD.

Urgent help is greatly appreciated as my SABNZBD server is headless and it is a bit of a hassle to get to it.


Once I select an item for download and even if I long press and select the category the item does not download, it sends it to the queue. When I select the queue and press for download, nothing happens and the file stays in the queue.

It used to be either a instant download process or if it goes to the queue, it used to download, now it does not.


Colin Chin Choy