Hmm, this may be hard to debug, as I don't have a P device and the emulator makes it difficult to test remote/local. I'll see what I can do.
No worries Kev. I appreciate it's beta software and probably not a huge urgency to address bugs with your app until the final version of Android P is release. Issue could resolve itself!

Thanks for all your hard work on the app. Couldn't live without it.
I'm noticing the same thing. It looks like if I plug the IP into the primary connection and disable the local switching it connects just fine. It almost looks like there's something different about how android surfaces your connection details so you can't do the SSID check or something.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!
If I've learned anything about software dev at all it's that something that appears to be a small change like this will be a huge pain to deal with. XD

If you need me to test anything on P (if you don't already have people to test for you) I'm down for lending a hand.
I'm actually having the same problem and I'm not on P on my pixel 2 XL. I verified the SSID is correct, but its not switching to local. I can put the local address into the remote one and it will connect properly. Outside the network, of course the external address works (for troubleshooting purposes). Also, I can browse to those addresses successfully in chrome as well.
Yeah, I am getting reports on Oreo as well. Not sure what happened there, I didn't touch any code related to local/remote connection switching. I think targeting the new api level might introduce further security around getting SSID info. Researching today.
Figured it out, but I don't like it. On Android 8.1+, it requires the Coarse Locations permission to get access to SSID info. I hate adding extra permissions for small things like this, but there is no way around it :(

I'll add it to the next release, but please note, I don't want to know where you guys live. nzb360 won't actually use any location info, it will just read the SSID like before.