1) a main menu button once you start searching your newsnab feeds
2) rss feed creation from newsnab feeds. You have to go 2 or 3 deep atm to find your feed
3) Torrents section - display by date added

Keep up the great work
1) I am not sure I understand this request.
2) I also do not understand this one :(
3) This is currently supported in the Sort Options.
Sorry for the confusion
1) on the main.menu when I select torrents, sabnzb or indexes I always have the main menu button available in the top left hand corner. But when I select an added index (dognzb or nzb.org) I then have to use the back button to return to main menu. Sometimes I could go 2 or 3 pages in
2) would like if possible to create rss feeds from the indexes I have added like a shortcut to say dognzb 4k or nzb.org HDTV

3) I have uTorrent installed and would like to list my torrents by date added . Atm it's just name,status,download and size
1) Gotcha. Are you aware you can swipe out the drawer at any time? Just swipe right from the edge of the phone. You can also use your volume keys to switch services anywhere you are in the app.

2) I imagine this would be better provided by the indexer, no?

3) Ah, uTorrent is the only service that doesn't support Date Added. I forget why, but I'll double check.
1) Brilliant. Thanks for the tips

2) I have just jumped from iPhone to Android and I was one of the beta testers for nzbunity on iPhone. J MELIA doing a great job with that app if your on iPhone . Anyhow that app has a RSS section which is like a custom indexer. You add feeds and give them each a name. The feeds are pasted in from one of your indexer websites like you said. The feeds are usually under it's rss section on the indexer website. The rss section of that iphone app then became my goto section of the app when loading the app up. If you could recreate anything like that it was be so appreciated.

Also how do you feel about renamed the search section to NZB Indexers then created a new search keyword section that just searches all added nzb indexers that you have added and maybe include in the search www.binsearch.info and www.nzbindex.nl

Loving the app by the way
One of the reasons I jumped to Android from apple