Do you have a donation link anywhere? I bought pro several years ago for $5 (I think?) And I legitimately feel guilty about that. I use 360 literally every day and it makes the management of my media considerably easier. I feel like I screwed you over giving you $5 several years ago, haha

As a fellow dev, I commend you for doing it right. Most apps are terrible and are all about raking in cash while producing the bare minimum.

Thanks for kicking ass! If you're ever in Western Wisconsin, there's a beer waiting for you!
Haha, thank you for the kind words and offer! I don't really have a donation link, but others have donated an Amazon GC to nzb360@gmail.com if you'd like to go that route :)

Don't make it to Wisconsin often, but the same applies to the Detroit area! Send me a note if you're ever in town!