Hi new nzb360 user coming from nzb unity, having a little trouble after managing to get everything set up sabnzbd radarr, sonarr and my indexer oznzb. Everything works great except when i use my indexer to search within nzb 360 and find a movie i click send to sab and the request is received by sab but after a couple of seconds of "trying to fetch NZB" sabnzb returns one of 2 errors either "URL Fetching failed; Server could not complete request" or "warning incomplete nzb file". however when i add the same movie to radarr it successfully finds it and sends it to sabnzbd which starts downloading it with no problems. I am on the verge of ripping my hair out :evil: any help is much appreciated many thanks. :geek:
sab errorr.jpg
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I wonder if those extra URL params are causing problems. If you send me your OZnzb API key, I can take a look to see if I can repro it and solve it on my end.
i have pmed you the api key if theres anything else you would like to see i can send you screenshots
i mean i can browse through all my librarys on sonarr radarr even search for stuff and it gets sent over fine just fails to fetch the nzb works fine if i do it from my laptop though
I can reproduce the error with your API key. Not sure why it's happening. All other indexers are working for me. Does anyone else have this issue with OZnzbd? It might be your account/API key?
its hit and miss iv tried dozens of different films through nzb 360 sometimes the link generated in sab downloads an nzb which can be opened and starts downloading sometimes the downloaded nzb returns an error in sab saying incomplete nzb. However when sending the nzb directly from oznzb to sab on the laptop it always works
on the laptop i sent a movie directly from oznzb to sab it started downloading no problem, sent the same exact movie from nzb 360 to sab and sab returned the error url fetching failed ......so then i copied the link generated n sab and pasted it in my browser it downloaded the nzb file fine but then i opened the nzb file and sab gave the error nzb incomplete