There are shortcuts to the different services in the app if you're running Android 7.1.1 or higher.

If they're not the shortcuts you mean, then where?
CBers wrote:There are shortcuts to the different services in the app if you're running Android 7.1.1 or higher.

If they're not the shortcuts you mean, then where?
You're talking about the shortcut menu that comes up when you long press the app shortcut on your home screen.

I'm talking about Shortcuts to go directly into the "Add Movie" menu or the "Add TV Series" menu. Honestly, you can't get any faster than directly interfacing into the API of Radarr/Sonarr too perform a particular action and that is what my solution does. And really, NZB360 does the same thing when you press the add button on a specific movie you want added

The stuff that happens before that API interaction is what can be made more efficient/streamlined. Instead on navigating through NZB360 to get to an Add Movie menu, typing in a search for a movie, and picking a result......I can just say"OK Google, add Gone in Sixty Seconds to Radarr". Then I control how those search results are displayed and what information is displayed about the movie (I can even watch the movie trailer immediately on my display). They customization is what I want.

This is not a knock against NZB360 at all.... This is Just an Android/Tasker nerd optimizing/enriching a specific, commonly performed task for himself and sharing the result.
CBers wrote:So why are you using NZB 360, if Tasker is better?

Why not talk straight to the underlying service?
It's pretty naive to say Tasker is better than NZB360 man.
I said I use Tasker for ONE purpose related to this stuff.....Clearly we all know NZB360 is capable of performing more than just adding a Movie/Series to Radarr/Sonarr lol. I use NZB360 for those other purposes.

I would never say Tasker/DirectAPI is better than NZB360 for everything. And again, I'm not bad mouthing NZB360 here.
f3bruary wrote:It's actually cool to be able to add a movie or tv show from the notification panel. Then I don't need to go to imdb or trakt anymore.
I thought so too. Glad others find this useful
Steven_Weinstein wrote:I know this super old but did you get this working. Thanks

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curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"title":"Thor: Ragnarok","qualityProfileId":"3","tmdbid":"284053","titleslug":"thor: ragnarok-284053", "monitored":"true", "rootFolderPath":"H:\\Video\\Movies\\","images":[{"covertype":"poster","url":"https://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w174_and_h261_bestv2/avy7IR8UMlIIyE2BPCI4plW4Csc.jpg"}]}' https://domain.com/radarr/api/movie?apikey=1b9289fd5fd64c6ca54323f8b5efd9b5
I haven't used it in ages! No idea if this is still valid but that is an example command. You'll need the tmdbid for the movie along with the correct quality profile ID for your Radarr...also, the folderpath....that is an example of a Windows path...it will look different if you are using Linux. Also, Radarr API key is needed too. Oh and obviously here I'm using a reverse proxy but just a location flag for radarr...no subdomain.

The API key I have there is just an example.

This is an example to get the profile IDs

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I haven't used this in ages so good luck. Can't really help you further.