sorry if i sound like a nzb360 newbie, but i am (bought the app today without even testing it).

It took awhile to setup the sabnzbd server but i finally could connect nzb360 to my sabnzbd server.

I tried downloading my first NZB files via Google Chrome on my mobile, but when i try to open the nzb file, Chrome only says "that the file cant be openend".

How do i connect nzb360 with the .nzb file extension so that it gets uploaded via nzb360?
Or whats the easiest way to get the downloaded nzb file into nzb360 app?

Thanks in advance.
It works fine for me. I downloaded a sample nzb file and clicked open and it immediately started NZB360 and asked me if I wanted to upload it to nzbget. I assume the same would go for sabnzbd.

Alternatively, you could open nzb360 and in the sabnzb section click the 3-dot menu and select 'Add nzb'