I am wondering that in Sonarr how can I edit the Monitor category for a show from lets say "All" to "Future" if it already exists in the list. I couldn't find that option anywhere.

This isn't possible. Neither in NZB360, nor in the Sonarr web interface.

This option is only available (in both NZB360 and Sonarr) when you ADD a new show. After that, you will have to manually change it.
Thanks f3bruary. But it is absolutely possible in the Sonarr web interface. Just go-to Season Pass, select TV Show and change to whatever you want. Will make your life easier :)

So KeV any chance of implementing the Season Pass feature in the app, if it already doesn't exist?

Perfect, that would make things lot easier.

Do you have any plans for implementing season pass kind of feature to apply to multiple TV shows?
Kev wrote:
Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:43 am
This already exists when you add a show in nzb360, so I can port that over to editing too.

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Hi Kev,

This request has been pending for a long time. Any chance of implementing it?

Feature Summary:
After a series is added (i.e. existing series), edit option should give the option for "Monitor" - All/Future/Missing/Existing just like it shows when adding a new series.