Version 10
  • NEW: Radarr support! nzb360 is currently the only mobile app to include support for Radarr. It's still in beta, but will continue to improve with future updates. Help spread the word! =)
  • NEW: New icon! That's right, nzb360 finally has a materially-designed icon! Let me know your thoughts on the new look.
  • IMPR: Significant performance improvements and optimizations.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... man.nzb360

Please note, the temporarily-free PRO accounts are no longer free. However, PRO licenses purchased from this version port over to the new version. If you paid via PayPal, you're all set.
Thanks Kev. Great work, I love this app. Can't wait to try out Radarr.

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Thanks derik!
Kev wrote:Thanks derik!
Loaded, added, rockin'

Thanks Kevin... Upgrade to pro (previous PayPal/store here) worked flawlessly too btw. [OK HAND SIGN]

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Awesome :)

the best app in the play store just got even better!
Thanks for all your hard work Kev. Been using the app (Pro) for some time. Great to see it back on the Play Store. It's worth every cent. Love the new logo too!
Thank you! Glad to hear good things about the new logo. I have been trying to design a good logo for so long. Really happy people seem to like it!
Thanks for the new release! It seems that I didin't had a working backup, but after some copy/paste of ip's & api keys everything is working again.
Pro license imort of PP is also working. And the new logo looks great, much much better !

I noticed in the 'Upcoming' and 'Series' tab of Sonarr and in the 'All' tab of Radarr some etra whitespace at the right. The 'Missed' and 'History' tab is using full screen width.
Everything looks great in the new version! Glad to see you back on the Play store!

I was nervous at first because I did a cloud backup and wasn't able to restore from the cloud without a pro license. Luckily you provided a way to get to the backup part easily. I also had a mild panic attack when it kept prompting me to purchase a pro license, but after I restored my backup and restarted the app it had everything, license included.

Keep up the good work, Kev!
How do you confirm your pro licence carried over? My PayPal is not my Gmail address, so I have a feeling it didn't.

[UPDATE] Never mind--I went to a "pro" feature in the app and it gave me the option to retrieve it from PayPay. All is good.