is it possible to add artwork in Sonarr series view and when entering to series, like it is on the Upcoming tab? Now I got only the Sonarr logo.Image



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This is happening to me as well (with SSL). It started 2 updates ago... I was just holding out until this last update hoping it would be corrected. Absolutely nothing has changed (at least by me) on Sonarr... running the exact same settings. Not sure if they've changed something in their APIs. This occurs on the Upcoming and Missed tabs. When I tap on a show, the artwork is missing from there as well until I hit refresh, then it shows up. However, hitting refresh on the Upcoming or Missed tabs alone does not fix the artwork issue. I have not updated/modified nginx either. I've cleared app cache but have not tried a complete uninstall/reinstall. Couch Potato, NZBGet, and search integrations are working just fine. I can also access Sonarr remotely from a browser just fine as well: granted this is via login credentials and not the API key. Other than artwork, everything with the Sonarr integration seems to be functioning. Any ideas?
I seem to be experiencing the same thing with the artwork in Sonarr. I just get the sonarr placeholder image on all tv show tabs. Just like the other poster this only started about 2 app updates ago. I'm running developer version of 7.0
Same here now. I think it's probably a change on the Sonarr api side. I'm using dev build: - Aug 4 2016

I'm not sure when it started as I don't usually go into the Sonarr section unless I want to force search.

edit - I'm on Moto X Pure 2015 Model - Android 6.0 May 2016 Patch