So I just found out that long pressing the search button on an episode will start a manual search, which is awesome!

However, I've found a couple things that could be improved:

1. There is no distinction between Usenet and Torrent listings. Obviously I can tell which is which by looking at the provider and just knowing if it's a Usenet or Torrent provider, but is there any way to color code them differently? For instance, on the Sonarr WebUI, nzb files are blue and torrent files are green. Similar to how you have the file quality color coded (white text on a grey background 'box'), maybe you could display nzb providers as white text on a blue background box, and torrents as white text on a green background box. Thoughts?

2. For torrent listings, it's really important to know the peer info (seeders/leechers). A lot of the older Torrent files are 0/0, but I have no way of knowing through NZB360. A couple times now I've selected 0/0 ones by accident, but didn't know it until I got home and saw that no progress was being made on the download. If you are able to include seeder/leecher info, maybe look into color coding it the same way Sonarr does (white text on green, yellow, and red background 'boxes')?

Would love to see the above updated in manual searches! Again, awesome job with the app!
Just a friendly bump! I know Kev has been busy with other things and hasn't had much time for NZB360 development, but I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this idea.
Kev - glad to see you back!

I wanted to bump my above post, but also provide a 3rd feature request. It also relates to manual searching. Just to retype them all out:

1. Distinguish between Usenet and Torrent listings on the manual search results page.
2. For torrent listings, show seeder/leecher info.
3. Add the ability to be able to manually search an entire season. Right now you can long press an episode search to start manual search. But there is no way currently to long press at the season level to start a season manual search.

Thanks again for all your hard work on such a wonderful app!