I am having an issue loading NZB360 on my phone when on data and connecting to my home vpn? But when I connect to any wifi connection then connect to my home VPN nzb360 loads fine. It works fine on my tablet when using the hotspot on my phone and conneting to my home VPN also. Any suggestions? It used to work fine when on data and connecting to my VPN but its been about 3 weeks and it has stopped working. I have tried to uninstall the app and re-config still nothing.

Any help would be awesome. :D
VPN logs just show the connection. Yes I can do everything else on the VPN except use nzb360. But I just checked it's only on my Google pixel my Galaxy S8 connected to VPN on 3g/4g nzb360 works :(
Kev wrote:Do you have separate remote/local addresses?

No I only have local address setup I do not want to open my ports for remote use. Which is why I have the VPN setup, it works awesome on wifi and my galaxy S8 so im not sure if its a VPN issue.
Yeah, sort of sounds like a device or VPN issue. nzb360 is just attempting to connect via the URL you provide, the actual connection is abstracted away in Android. There isn't anything it does differently on LTE or Wifi.

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Yeah I didnt think it was an app issue. Just thought id post on here to see if anyone had anything I can try to fix it. I am going to do a factory reset on the phone today to see if that fixes it.