Hi there,
desperate for some help in configuring the NZB360 app for my phone.
What I'd like to do is use add the service SABnzbd to the app.
Are there any instructions or video tutorials that I can look at??
I have very little knowledge of networking etc.
Usually pretty good at following instructions/video guides though.
Thanks very much in advance.
Hello Steve, do you currently have SABnzbd running on your PC?

What you'll need to figure out...
  • Your IP address of your PC
  • The port SABnzbd is listening on (default is 8080)
  • Your SABnzbd's API key.
Finding your local IP address of your computer is easy. Just google "how to find my local IP address". It will most likely look like 192.168.x.x.

Default SABnzbd port is 8080, so let's assume that.

You can find your API key for SABnzbd in SABnzbd's settings. It will be a really long string of characters and numbers with dashes.

Once you have those 3 items, plug them into nzb360's SABnzbd settings, and you should be up and running :)

Firstly, a big thank you for getting back to me. Really appreciate that.

I have found out my ip address. It starts 86.146.#.#, does that sound ok to you?

It says within the SABnzbd settings that the port is 8080 like you said.

There are two keys, API key and NZB key. I assume it's the first one? It's a mixture of numbers and letters. No dashes though.

I will input the info into the app now and see.

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Nothing happening when I enter the info into the app.
Do I need to check any settings within the SABnzbd programme on the pc?

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An 86.x... address is your public IP address, which would only work if you forwarded port 8080 on your router to your local IP address. What you want to find and input into nzb360 is your local, or private, IP address.

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Finally seem to of cracked it (see screen shots).

Just wondering about something though, the tick box for SSL/HTTPS should that be ticked o or not?

Also, is it difficult to control SABnzbd remotely, it's working fine within the home but I'd like get it working away from the home. Would you be ok to help me with this please.


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Thanks for removing the screenshots. I did wonder if this was a wise move adding them, I guess not.

I'm presented with this form (see screen shot) could you help me out with filling it it please?


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Looks good, just choose which name you want your URL to be. Under my host, add "spshaw" or something so your url is spshaw.ddns.net.

One you have that, you will need to port forward 8080 in your router to your local IP address of your PC running SAB. In other words, spshaw.ddns.net:8080 only points to your router, but your router doesn't know where to send those requests to once it reaches your router, so port forwarding says any requests to spshaw.ddns.net:8080 should be sent to your PC running SAB.

Once you get that set up, change your IP Host in nzb360 to spshaw.ddns.net instead of your local IP.