I wasn't happy when I had to pay a 2nd time, as I'd only just bought it from the Play Store the week before, but I'm glad I did, as there have been numerous updates since then.

Great work Kev.
Kev wrote:
I know you feel I should focus solely on the previous userbase, and I would love to, but it just isn't viable to meet that demand and also the massive demand for new features that ALL users request.
I never said you should focus solely on the previous userbase. I think you should focus, like a laser, on your *entire* userbase, *everyone* who has ever paid you any money. It is interesting that you now describe your single userbase as two different entities.

You have made it abundantly clear that you will not do anything to help the many users that helped you the most when you needed it, therefore, you have lost my confidence and my loyalty and I choose to no longer be part of your userbase.

This will also be my last post here, I have said what I wanted to say.