Hi there

My apologies in advance for any mispelling or wording mistakes - english is unfortunately not my native language.

I tried to connect via the nzb360 app to my radarr/headphones installation. I've an hosted seedbox on which I've installed (one-click installation) headphones and radarr.

But it seems that the connection doesn't work properly. To get acces via web, I need to call an url, for example: myBla-headphones.seedboxhoster.domain
To get in, I need to enter an username and a password.

For the config in the app, I put the domain (like the example above). The port and the api keys are correct.

In the description for the IP/host adress, there is something written: "For HTTP Auth support, simply use the user:pass@hostformat".
But I've no idea how to use that... Any help?

Is it: user:pass@myBla-headphones.seedboxhoster.domain or user:pass@seedboxhoster.domain?
What is mean by "hostformat"?

Would be great if someone could help.

Thank you!