I've got sabnzbd, my indexers, and Sonarr all connected and they all work. The only thing not working is Radarr. I've copied over the API (by emailing it to myself) twice. I've made sure that the ip adresses and port were correct. I don;t kow if there is a setting on Radarr's side I've got to set before it works but I haven't seen anything about this issue.
Make sure the bind address is * or

Also check if you can access Radarr through the browser. If not, then perhaps a firewall is blocking the connection ?
My bind address is set to *. When I try to change it to it tells me it failed to save general settings and tells me to switch it back to *. I can view Radarr on the host computer's browser but I can't view it on a remote browser. Whether it is on a local network or via the internet.
I have disabled my firewall completely and double check my port forwarding. I now getting this error message inside NZB360 itself.
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