I purchased nzb360 from the playstore and also just purchased the pro version within the app. Great product, use it everyday. I am having a problem trying to browse any category for my indexer.

I'm receiving the error "Unfortunately, NZB 360 has stopped" when trying to open a category for an indexer. This happens on all categories. The indexer i am using is nzb.su. I have verified all indexer settings are setup correctly. The phone i am using is Nexus 5. I have also disabled / enabled the sexy movie layout and receive the same results.

Any help is appreciated.
Unfortunately, that log doesn't seem to include why the process died. Would you be willing to share your API key with me for that indexer for me to test?
Hmm, it works fine on my device. Which Android device are you using? Did it receive an update recently?

You can change your API key now if you would like.
Does it happen with other indexers too? Can you temporarily remove nzb.su and add another indexer and try the same action again? It could be that that particular indexer is returning something weird that the app doesn't understand.