I'm having trouble setting up my indexers. I'm running my own server which is downloading spots (SpotWeb).
Now, when I secure the indexer with a username and password, the app can't connect to the server saying "Error retrieving info from server.
When I remove the username and password from the indexer, the app can connect without any trouble.

I've tried several things to connect but there is no way to insert a username and password in the app for indexers, is there any other way to use this? (I've also tried to put 'https://' in front of the url yes :)).
It's an integrated login form, on my computer I have to login with a username and password which is stored in the database on my server. The password is, ofcourse, MD5 protected.

I don't know if this is the problem why it can't connect to the 'protected' server, but I think this is the reason. Because there is no option to give an username and password with the indexer to authenticate.
Hmm,the app currently doesn't support authentication for NN sites. You could post a feature request if you want it. That said, I've thought of a few ways to (possibly) bypass.

1. Find out if the server accepts the credentials through GET parameters. It's usually done via POST but it may accept GET nonetheless. e.g. http://site.com/index.html?user=admin&password=12345

You would have to find out the exact parameters though. You could use a proxy that will intercept the request like wireshark or Burp proxy. Look in the request, probably a POST, and use the exact same parameters and put them in the URL like I showed above.

2. Disable the integrated authentication. Apply basic authentication (.htaccess). Google it for tutorials. Then go to NZB360 settings, and enter the URL like so: username:password@https://site.com

I don't know for sure if this will work, but you can try it out.