Hi i'm having the odd issue on the search screens when trying to browse categories. Recently its been saying "error loading items". Now I don't think its an issue with nzb360 but is there a log file stored anywhere that'll give me a better idea as to why its got the error ?
right, that didn't take long . I think i've worked out why, i've gone into my nzb site's profile and theres this...

API Hits Today:
1001 / 1000

so it seems i've hit the quota and there blocking access

I haven't really used it at all today yet its clocked up this many hits. Is there an issue with the app thats causing this?
nzb360 only makes one api call per browse or search. It's most likely Sonarr or Couchpotato causing you to hit your API limit, since they're constantly looking for content.