I'm currently using Sabnzbd V1.0.0 and i'm running into some issues. When i try to upload a nzb from my phone, i always get this error.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "cherrypy\_cprequest.pyo", line 663, in respond
File "cherrypy\_cpreqbody.pyo", line 996, in process
File "cherrypy\_cpreqbody.pyo", line 540, in process
File "cherrypy\_cpreqbody.pyo", line 223, in process_multipart_form_data
File "cherrypy\_cpreqbody.pyo", line 215, in process_multipart
File "cherrypy\_cpreqbody.pyo", line 538, in process
File "cherrypy\_cpreqbody.pyo", line 710, in default_proc
File "cherrypy\_cpreqbody.pyo", line 725, in read_into_file
File "cherrypy\_cpreqbody.pyo", line 651, in read_lines_to_boundary
EOFError: Illegal end of multipart body.

Any idea on this?