So I've recently updated to SABNZBD v8, and it seems that somewhere, some how it's as if NZB360 doesn't know (or doesn't get confirmation) that the NZB was added to SAB?

What I did was search for two shows through NZB360 from my defined NZB site, told it to send to SAB. All was well.. but then I noticed that NZB360 would just keep re-adding the same two NZB's over, and over again until I would exit the app or turn off the SAB connection under settings.

I've reached out to Kevin via the support function of the app, he replied asking me if I was running version 8 of SAB, I confirmed and then never heard back for about 10 days now, even though I've sent two emails since to remind him.

Quite frustrating as this is the best app around, it's what made me purchase PRO within 5 mins of using it when he first released it on reddit.

Anyone else have a solution?