I just installed (downloaded about an hour ago) NZB360 on my phone, and nzbget (version 16.4) on my computer (Windows 10, 32bit). Everything on the nzbget side seems to be working fine, but when I try to connect to the server from my phone, it just shows "Connecting..." in the corner, and never connect. I have SABnbd running on the same computer, and NZB360 connects to it just fine.

I have tried changing the listening IP address and port for the server, changing the username/password, even disabling the user/pass completely, using IP address and hostname to try to connect (sab connectes fine with both IP and hostname)... Any hints, ideas, tips, or suggestions?
Yes, it was. I uninstalled and then reinstalled nzbget, and now it works.. No idea. Didn't change anything at all, and nzbget saved my conf file between the un/reinstall.. I blame crash gremlins lol