Just setting up what looks to be an awesome prog, and of course happy to pay/donate to it, but would love it to work.

I couldn't find any answers searching this board so forgive the question:

I've got nzb360 to talk to sickbeard and it picks up my shows and queue etc but it doesn't let me add shows.

When I try it takes me through all the menus then at the last moment says ""Error failed to add show. Try again?"

I emaileed copied and pasted the api key. It's just not working. Any advice please?

(ps I've also linked it to sab, not couchpotato yet, and no nzb finders yet ... I use nzbgeek and Oz btu I don't think I need to set these up in nzb360 as they're already set up in sickbeard/sab surely?)
Thanks for the quick reply feb.

I tried looking at the sickbeard logs and it seemed to flash on only for a second before switching to a different page so wasn't able to copy and paste. When I get home I'll try and paste up the log. Thanks
Hi feb,

I've had a look at the log and sent more requests but nothing new comes onto the logs when I try.

I can add shows via sickbeard though.

Oddly I don't see anywhere on nzb360 where it asks for my sickbeard username and password. I don't know if that's relevant?
Which operating system? If there's a basic authentication present then you should enter those in the settings. Since it fetches your data this shouldn't be the problem. I can't remember if there's a debug switch in sickbeard, but if there is, enable it, restart, add a show and look at the logs again. There has to be something.

Do you use ssl btw?
Thanks feb.

OS = Windows 7 ultimate on my server (HP proliant).

I'm not using SSL, not experienced enough in it. A simple 8081 port connection with api key.

Using sickbeard on chrome if that's relevant.

I'll look out for a debug switch and report back.

Thanks again for excellent quick response.
If I were you, I'd switch to Sonarr. It's better in my opinion. It has failed handling, so if a download fails, a new one will be started. It also supports torrents these days. Most importantly, there's much more active development. Constant improvements and updates.
I looked at Sonarr as you suggested. At first I was sceptical as all I ever heard about was sickbeard but yes you're right it does look awesome and the number one factor is the active development and support as you say.

For anyone who stumbles upon this thread searching later: Sonarr works flawlessly so far. And interestingly I have had a similar issue with sonarr until I set path information within Sonarr because the log clearly said invalid path. I haven't gone .back to SB to see if that's the case as it's not a user friendly so that *may* be the issue here. (all very complicated for a n00b like me, how it goes to sab and back etc)

Thanks Feb. Continuing to use nzb360 for my set up.

THanks for quick replies too - as with sonarr and its active development, this really is a testament to nzb360 too and hopefully encourages ppl to use it +buy/donate (which I will do once I set up fully).