When I try to install the APK I get a PARSE ERROR.

I have Install Packages Outside Google Store activated.

I saw a similar issue listed before for the Android Preview M but it showed no solutions.

Just to confirm, you don't need your phone to be unlocked or rooted to run NZB360?


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You don't need to unlock/root. As far as I know, NZB360 hasn't been tested on Android 6 and the latest devices running it. You'll need to wait until the developer wakes from his hibernation. I'm sure it will be fixed in no time.

I figured out how to resolve the issue. I was loading the APK off my PC onto my phone and then trying to install it - PARSE ERROR! But if I browsed to this website on the phone and downloaded it directly on the phone then the installation went without a hitch.

Suspect this issue isn't limited to the Nexus and might be good to note in the FAQ.

Saw the 360 DEV posted some encouraging comments a few days ago. Its a really impressive app and I hope he gets the time and ability to get it up and running again.