Firstly well done on a great app. Now, I have NZBGet, sonarr and couchpotato set up, I can commet via mobile data, porta forwarded to specific PC, everything works.

Now... LAN on the other hand, is a nightmare, it has worked like twice, but any other time it just does nothing and the connection symbol just spins and spins.

Does anyone have any suggestions I could try out? My router is an RT-AC68U. And obviously I have the settings in the app to enable local IP with it set to the PC ip, which is, I've tried adding the network name in the box which is just WORKGROUP, but that did nothing so I got rid of it as it had connected before a couple of times, I'm sure its something to do with my router but I can't think what.

Help please!
The network name is not the WORKGROUP, it's the SSID of your wireless network. Also check in router settings to see if there is a firewall active, or some function that prohibits client<>client communication.
Thanks!, that fixed it by changing the SSID, however I have a 2ghz and 5ghz, so when im upstairs i am connected to the 5ghz, but downstairs in on the 2ghz, any way to add more than one?

The firewall is enabled in the router, not sure if its a good idea to disable that right?

Again, thanks I was being a noob.

Edit: used you can add more than one, doh! Thanks!
I have two access points in my house too and this is what I do: Give both the same SSID, the same encryption algorithm and the same password. Only change the channel and keep the channels far apart of each other. Give AP1 channel 6 and the other 11 or something. This way your wireless devices will automatically switch when you move around to the strongest signal.
Yeah I have my 2ghz network, because I have WiFi extenders on each floor, set to channels 1, 6 and 11, so they don't overlap. But my 5ghz channel has a different name. But you have named both your 2ghz and 5ghz the same right?

And I don't know why but it won't connect on my tablet, will on my phone, same SSID settings etc, I also have NZBmanager, which is similar but not as good as nzb360, that wont work on either. Did the same thing as 360. And of course I'm a bit wary about turning off the router firewall.

Edit: working now.

Thanks for a great app.