As a new android user I was happy to test out NBZ360 :D

I have a nzbet and couchpotato server running on a NAS using reverse proxy (HAProxy) with SSL enabled.
I did configure NZBGET without any trouble, all working as expected.

My issue is regarding couchPotato.

I get this error :


everything seems correct in the settings...

IP/Host : myuser:mypassword@cp.mydnsname.com
Server port : 443
API Key : correctly wrote
Use SSL/HTTPS : checked

My version of CouchPotato's is : 63560efe (31/8/2015 21:26:55), Master branch

What could be the problem ?

I know you've already checked but that error is usually because some setting is incorrect. All I can suggest is double checking the settings. Make sure there are no whitespaces leading/trailing, those are hard to notice after all.

If you've changed your api key recently in CP, make sure you've restarted the service.
I checked many times, deleted the informations, reenter them, uninstalled the application, reinstalled it ...

still the same error :(

note : I also have an error with sonarr (different message 'Unauthorize" something like this) but I did read on anoter post that sonarr + SLL isn't working
forgive me, I am stuppid !

The Couchpotato UI doesn't show the full API Key, you need to scroll in the box !!!
I missed 6 or 7 caractere or so ... now it's working :D (for sonarr too, I missed 1 char)