Couchpotato's UI has changed dramatically, so I imagine this has everything to do with my issue connecting. I have double checked all of my connections, API key, etc. I can still use nzb 360 to connect to Sonarr, and SABNZBD on the same server that I am unable to connect couchpotato. I am on couchpotato verison 99553097, this version is from 2015-08-25 17:11:48
I just wanted to confirm that it wasn't just me.

Thanks again for all the great work, this really is an awesome app!
Update, it still takes at the very least 5 minutes of "refreshing" every time I load couch potato. None of my other severs are affected and are all responsive except couch through this app. The web ui loads on all the same devices in seconds. Something is still not working very well for me anyway.
I'm just trying to describe a problem that definitely exists in the hope it will help someone is all. It seems that if I disable CP in NZB360 by ticking the slide box in the settings menu, then re-enable it, the graphics and info show right away. This is running on an android LG G3. My girlfriends LG G3 vigor, also displays the same behavior with disabling and enabling CP from within the nzb360 app seems to snap it into working again. I have no doubt this may be some issue specific to our phones or something like that, but I don't believe so as I can recreate it at will on 2 devices.

Again, I think this is an awesome app, and I'm just trying to let a dev or someone know my particular issue.

For some more background, I am running the newest version of CP 57d84e9a (8/28/2015, 1:50:01 AM)
and everything else seems to work fine for nzb360, including SABNZBD and Sonarr, running on the same server.
The normal webui is available right away through any device, it's only through nzb360 that it seems to hang on "refreshing" forever. I do not have very many movies in my "manage" list as I clean them out regularly, so it's not a large DB at any point I wouldn't think.

Thanks again for this app, it rocks!
When you tested with your friends phone, did you test it on the same server or on a different one ? Slow response sounds like a server side issue. You might want to check cp logs and cpu% usage. If possible, try with another android device too to exclude a phone specific issue.

Aside from that you could try the usual stuff too

- Restart CP and make sure you're running the latest (master branch) version.
- Re-install NZB360 and clear data+cache too
- Maybe even restart the whole server