Has anyone else tried putting CloudFlare in front of their reverse proxy setup and got it working? When I add CloudFlare to the mix, Sonarr and Sab both report "Error: null" inside NZB360. Everything works when using a web browser from the same device NZB360 is installed on though. I'm seeing the traffic hit my firewall when using a web browser but not when using NZB360. I've tried this on a few devices with no luck.
I'm in the same boat. CloudFlare in front of a reverse proxy. I also have all HTTP traffic redirected to HTTPS. Again, works perfectly in any mobile/web browser but fails in NZB360. Any help would be appreciated.
I had some free time today and was following up with this again. Not sure if you changed anything Kev but it's working for me. I didn't change anything except enable CloudFlare for the subdomain I use.

Awesome work Kev