I recently made the switch from sickbeard to Sonarr. Everything kicks a$$, but I noticed the History tab is always blank. It says "refreshing" at the bottom for a second then, nothing. Just for reference, I assume it should be showing what the web interface shows under Activity->History.

I checked logcat and saw these messages logged right after I goto that tab, but this might be unrelated:

03-03 22:06:42.872 W/System.err(10773): java.io.NotSerializableException: com.kevinforeman.sabconnect.nzbdroneapi.Series
03-03 22:06:42.882 W/System.err(10773): at com.kevinforeman.sabconnect.NZBDroneView.SaveShowsToFile(NZBDroneView.java:1352)
03-03 22:06:42.882 W/System.err(10773): at com.kevinforeman.sabconnect.NZBDroneView.onPause(NZBDroneView.java:631)

Am I missing a setup here? I'm running Sonarr 2.0.2850 and NZB360 9.1.1