Edit: As suggested, I triple checked the api key and it was somehow truncated by one number upon my last restore. Strange that it was the first character that was dropped and not the last. I've done a few backups/restores to try to duplicate the problem, but I can't get it to happen again. That's for everyone's help.

Original post: "I keep getting the following error message in the CP interface:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was STRING at line 2 column 10

At first, I thought it was because I didn't check the tick box for using the github version of CP. After checking the box, CP connected successfully once. Now the error message persists all the time. I've been using nzb360 for months without an issue and I haven't changed any settings recently. All other services are working normally, I just have the issue with getting CP to connect. I'm sure its something simple. Nothing appears as an error in the CP logs, just the error that appears in nzb360. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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- Try searching for Wanted items: HOST:5050/api/<APIKEY>/movie.searcher.full_search
- Try restarting the app: HOST:5050/api/<APIKEY>/app.restart
- Make sure you're up to date.
- Make sure you select 'Github version' in settings if you are indeed using that.
- Try removing recently added movies, and re-add them again.
- Check logs for any errors. If there are any, google them before you post an issue here. Additionally you can enable debug logging for extra details.
- Check if all your settings - hosts, ports, apikeys, credentials, etc. - are all correct. Re-enter them to make sure. (when pasting keys, sometimes a whitespace get's pasted with, make sure to remove it)

You can try the above and see if the error message still appears.