Hey there,

I'm running my own, self-written indexer. I offer a newznab compatible API for integration with Sick Beard etc.
I just noticed some strange behaviour trying your app (after a friend asked to support it):
- Although getting a 401, the app doesn't try to get covers using the provided basic auth credentials. I resolved this by making an API function for it and linking there (the API doesn't need them for my site), so this is just a remark.
- No matter the <link>-value returned from the feed, the app always tries to go to /details/<newznab:attr guid>. As I'm not currently active on a newznab indexing site, is this different from what newznab provides for <link>? If yes, I understand that you'll not change this, and I have to resolve it with redirects on my site.
- Strangely, when viewing a category (the app making a t=movie-call to the api), I get covers and an IMDb-Label next to the imdb-rating. However, when searching (in a movie-category of course; the app making a t=search-call), although exactly the same results and "newznab:attr"-parameters are retourned from the API, I don't get a cover and just a star (instead of the IMDb-label) next to the rating. Is there something newznab does different for that call?

Especially the last point is why I'm asking here.. I uploaded a result set for t=movie and t=search here: http://pastebin.com/UAAz9rw0
As you can see they are exactly identical (and I would be very surprise if they weren't, since I'm using the same function to genreate the results internally), so I don't quite understand whats going on.

By the way, do you have more filters in your app than just rating, e.g. IMDb year and others and it's just not displaying it?


for point #3: after playing around a bit with a public newznab indexer, it seems that newznab (contrary to the official docs..) only sends <newznab:attr coverurl> when doing t=movie, not when doing t=search.. Maybe a small suggestion for the App: Always display the cover when <newznab:attr coverurl> is provided, no matter what query is done (This might also apply for TV, music and so on).