Good Morning -

First of all, I wanted to say that I really like the new GUI changes you've made. Thanks!

Is the latest version of NZB360 still experiencing issues with Sonarr? I can successfully connect to my sabNZBD, CouchPotato, and Headphones - but get an error when I try to connect to Sonarr. When I try to connect, it simpoy says "Error." in a red bar towards the top of the screen.

I have a reverse proxy set up for all of my services and the other 3 mentioned above do work with my reverse proxy settings in NZB360. For the IP/Host address, I use the domain name tied to my address (which is also forwarded to local server ip internally) and for port use "443/sonarr" which is how I have proxy set up and works in browser. It's also set to use SSL and I have a cert I bought specifically for my domain name.

What I've Tried
- Re-entering the API key a few times by copy/paste and even manually entered it with same results
- Using IP instead of domain name (connected to same LAN as server)
- Using direct address with no ssl & 8989 port instead of reverse proxy

I used to use the "develop" build of Sonarr which I thought may be the problem, so I changed it back to "master." I realize that this probably doesn't downgrade it so if that's the reason, I understand. The version I'm on now is

Thanks -

As mentioned, I was on the "develop" version, but thought it was messing with NZB360 so changed it to "master." I know it's won't downgrade it, but hopefully catch up eventually. Are you suggesting I switch back to "develop" and force an update to fix it? Again, I thought NZB360 had issues with the "develop" releases sometimes.

Well, Windows Firewall is off (Public and Private) but I'm also trying to connect internally and can also access it from a laptop on the same network. 443 is open in firewall anyways, but also still have 8989 open for testing too so firewall isn't the issue.

What do you think? Thanks!