I've got Sabnzb and Sickbeard on QNAP.
I've got them both running well (took me days to figure it out)
I've now got Sabnzb working well with NZB 360 but sickbeard says "not connected to sickbeard server"
I've checked and re checked settings and they seem correct. I can also connect to it on my phone's browser.
Any ideas?
Log says "SB API Disabled. ACCESS DENIED"
I have enabled API.
Maybe I need to restart sick beard for it to work?
I'm wary of doing that as the last time I couldn't get it started and had to reinstall it.
I took the plunge and restarted sickbeard.
All ok now :)
I think the last time sickbeard messed up was because I enabled Listen on IPv6
Dunno why I enabled it anyway.
I took the plunge and restarted sickbeard.
Thanks for the suggestion... I have no idea why I didn't think of that... was having issues with it not connecting annnddd the restart did the trick!