Since updating to 9.1 all my shows in sonarr are messed up. All the times are 1am or 2am and the dates are off by a day. I re-installed 9.02 and everything is fine.

Anybody else have this issue?
This is probably because in one of the latest updates the feature "IMPR: Sonarr air times now display in 12h format." was implemented.

Kev, I personally prefer how it was before too. As a European I like to see 24h times, and the actual date Sonarr has too. (they implemented Skyhook recently which adapts to your timezone, so you get the exact time/date).
That improvement was implemented in 9.02 and everything is working fine for me in that version. It's when I upgrade or fresh install 9.1 is when I have the issue.


This is what I get in the 'Upcoming' tab in 9.02


This is what I get in the 'Upcoming' tab in 9.1
I'm having the same issue. It appears to only show the incorrect time in the upcoming and history tab. The series tab looks correct. Perhaps it would be a nice feature in the settings menu to select the time format (12h or 24h) to please the masses.